CXO SUMMIT: Understanding The Journey to sustainable digital infrastructure

15th June 2023
All day

The Digital Infra Xchange Summit, hosted by RockScar Media, taking place in London on the 15th June 2023, aims to provide a platform for discussions on market activity and trends in sustainable digital infrastructure.

Delegates can look forward to hearing from Managing Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents and Directors of Data Centres and IT infrastructure, Procurement, ESG, Sustainability, Supply Chain, Finance, and Energy experts in the field, who will share their insights and experiences on how to create flexible, accessible, and energy-efficient digital infrastructure.

In recent years, the digital infrastructure industry has seen exponential growth in data consumption, driven by high bandwidth data transfers, cloud computing, and streaming services. While this growth has led to new technological advancements, it has also resulted in an increase in energy usage and carbon emissions. As the digital infrastructure industry continues to expand, it is imperative that we address the issue of sustainability.

Dr Noah Miller, Head of Data at Advanced Infrastructure, will be joining the panel session at 11:15am : Data-Driven: Counting and reporting carbon footprint

Accurate and standardised emissions-reporting rules will not, in themselves, solve the climate crisis. But the transparency will help investors better understand how to allocate capital, enable stakeholders to put pressure on organizations to make meaningful changes to their environmental impact, and encourage companies to innovate and use more green technology to reduce their carbon footprints. Other panelists in the session include Mark Butcher- Director at Posetiv Cloud, Neil Clark- Planet Officer at TPXImpact, Louise Bunting- Global CIO & Sustainability Leader at Carbon Net Neutral Technology Solutions, and Marientina Laina Director of Sustainability at NTT Global Data Centers.

For more information about the event and to register please visit the following link:

CXO SUMMIT: Understanding The Journey to sustainable digital infrastructure