Electricity flow tracing at 100x higher resolution than the state-of-the art. Giving you the analytics needed to decarbonise your energy supply chain


About Us

Advanced Infrastructure's mission is to create a greener and fairer Energy System by making big data, transparency, and traceability accessible to all users of the energy system.

Current methods of carbon emissions accounting and certification are not fit for purpose. Alongside our regular services, we seek regulatory change to build a more sustainable market for electricity that links consumption choices with their climate impact. 


Our Services


Reduce the cost of carbon offsetting and evidence green branding through more accurate carbon emissions reporting. We provide the granular data needed to decarbonise energy supply chains through improved procurement and consumptions decisions.  


Integrated APIs provide Power Exchange customers with recommended PPA purchases based on their unique location and consumption profiles, allowing users to differentiate between ‘green on paper’ and ‘green for real’ energy procurement. 


Track your region's progress towards net zero targets, compare against other authorities, directly link policy and usage with emissions impacts, engage the public with visualised emissions performance data.


Increase the value of stored power through certification which accurately quantifies the carbon intensity of the fuel mix at time of charge. Optimise charging with a machine learning forecast which models energy flows with 100x the resolution of the current state of the art.


Decomoditise and personalise energy with hyperlocal energy flow tracing. Source, location, carbon intensity, and distance are now all service differentiators and customer engagement stories upon which suppliers can deepen relationships with customers.


Improve network planning and infrastructure lifetime through flow modelling based on a cross-sector data model unifies all levels of the transmission and distribution grids. Datasets are reinforced by a Machine Learning layer enabling better flow forecasting.

Pricing Plans

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Live visualisation of the entire UK electricity network

The first interactive live map based on 'hyperlocal' data and real grid physics. 


Half-hourly energy data unique to your location

Know in real-time how green your power is, putting the data in your hands to make a real impact on emissions. Your online dashboard provides breakdowns of the fuel mix and carbon intensity of your energy consumption. Download visualisations of your emissions data to engage the public. 

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Customised solutions to your energy data needs

Custom APIs, geospatial boundaries, and hyperlocal resolution. Download engaging and detailed reports suitable for for ESG investment, carbon accounting and public reporting of your emissions data. 


Meet the Team

Christopher Jackson, CEO

A  thought leader and serial entrepreneur in the Energy Industry. Christopher has managed over £40 million worth of Research and Development projects, he led the UK Decentralised Energy Market function of E.ON, and built the largest solar carport in the UK for Bentley Motors. 

Dan Leighton,

Chief Technical Officer

A  product development professional with a specialism in organisational change and innovation, with more than 25+ years experience in the internet infrastructure, education, cloud software and edge technology sectors. Dan designed Europe’s first web Platform as a Service products and sold EasyJet their first website, and McLaren F1 their first internet connection.

Johnathan Jackson,

Chief Operating Officer

A dedicated Programme Director and Business Change specialist with a proven track record managing teams as part of multi-million pound digitisation programmes. He has extensive experience with cloud technologies, across multiple enterprises in Financial Services (Asset Management & Banking), at both technical and business levels. 

Lily Cairns Haylor,

Chief Customer Officer

Working on market analysis, user research and product, Lily keeps solutions grounded in  industry and user needs. The product lead on Carbon Data and LAEP+, a webGIS tool for planning energy projects, Lily is focussed on making relevant data easy to access, visualise and build on to model smarter local energy systems and accelerate the transition to a net zero system.

Noah Miller
Carbon Solutions Lead

The solution lead for Advanced Infrastructure's  Carbon Data Services, Noah is currently developing a novel approach to model marginal emissions within small geographic regions. A PhD researcher in thermochemical energy storage at The University of Manchester, Noah previously completed an integrated masters in chemistry at the University of Oxford and is a member of  the Preston Grasshoppers RFC rugby team.

Ivan Dimov,

Data Scientist

A University of Cambridge researcher, Ivan is an experienced data scientist. He pioneered a new brain-imaging software, led a team designing new soft neural interfaces, and is experienced in Machine Learning applications for software development.

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