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Our Mission:
"To accelerate an informed, fair and affordable transition to a net zero energy system"

At Advanced Infrastructure we believe that decarbonisation shouldn’t be blocked by something as simple as data access and visibility. Through our innovative GIS tools, datasets and APIs we make it easier for private companies, local authorities, distribution network operators and consultants to plan local energy transitions and operate using low carbon power.

We pride ourselves in our products, our team and our clients who trust us to deliver scalable and data-driven software that accelerates the energy transition.

Our core products include: LAEP+, Carbon Data Services and On Demand Datasets

Our storyOur story

Our Story

Advanced Infrastructure began its journey back in early 2020 when the four co-founders decided to tackle the challenge of planning a whole systems Energy Transition. 

United by a shared frustration – that planning a net zero transition shouldn’t be this difficult – the team set out to build data and geospatial solutions to make it easier to understand the current energy baseline and take practical steps to cut carbon. 

After being awarded funding by the UK government, Advanced Infrastructure spoke with over 100 individuals working across the Energy Transition: local authority planners, network operators, consultants, energy hubs, and more.

Everyone is facing similar blockers that are slowing down progress towards net zero. Data access, carbon expertise, utility grid constraints, data visualisation, geospatial planning… there is an urgent need for better solutions.

Since 2020, Advanced Infrastructure has launched a range of innovative software, data and API services that make it easier for private corporations, local governments, Distribution Network Operators, and consultants to plan effectively, increase renewable generation and cut carbon.

We now service a wide spectrum of clients including Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO), and a range of B2B and B2C organisations driving forwards to accelerate decarbonisation across the UK and Europe. 

We’re also proud to continue working at the forefront of British R&D for cleantech - supported by our partnerships with De Montfort University, Sheffield University, London City, and London South Bank University.

Our Team

Building a talented team shouldn't be restricted by where our employees live, which is why we have over 25 employees working across four countries worldwide.

As a remote first business, this has enabled us to reach the most experienced and qualified individuals from across the globe that are the right fit for our team and culture. This has been key in terms of attracting and retaining our growing team of talented people.

We were founded and remain headquartered in Cambridge, England, although today as a remote first business, our team are found right across the world, including Greece, India and the UK.

Our people are passionate about building solutions that accelerate the energy transition and support organisations in reducing the carbon associated with electricity consumption.

For more information about the talented group of individuals that make up Advanced Infrastructure, check out our meet the team page below.

About Us

Our services help public and private organisations plan and optimise their infrastructure for a net zero future

A aerial map view of London showing streets and transport routes of various colours.

GIS & Data Science Solutions for the Energy Transition

Advanced Infrastructure was formed around the shared frustration among the founders that decarbonisation shouldn’t be blocked by something as simple as data access and visibility.

Our energetic and innovative team are constantly identifying and solving new data and GIS problems. We're passionate about building solutions that  accelerate the energy transition and reduce the carbon associated with electricity consumption.

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