20th September 2023
All Day

Taking place on the 20th September 2023 at Chester Racecourse, ENERGYxtra is a focused conference and networking event sponsored by SP Energy Networks for the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Industry.

Themes will include how is the supplier base adapting to the future and what innovations are in the pipeline to support the Distribution Network Operators and Transmission Network Operators, the key projects being run within the networks and the challenges faced by the industry in playing its part in a Net Zero future.

Speaking and answering questions will be leading figures from the Distribution Network Operators, Transmission Network Operators, Government Agencies, and the industries supplier base.

Amongst the speakers Advanced Infrastructure's Head of Data, Dr Noah Miller will be taking to the stage alongside Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks' (SSEN) Innovation Programme Delivery Manager, Tim Sammon to deliver the session 'Digital Local Area Energy Plans'.

The session will provide a case study into project RESOP (Regional Energy System Optimisation Planning) which was formed in 2020 by SSEN under Ofgem’s Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) to take a ‘whole system’ approach, by drawing together data from multiple sources into a single tool that can be used to plan retrofit and roll out of low carbon technologies (LCTs) like electric vehicle charge points.

At Advanced Infrastructure we have been providing our innovative geospatial planning tool LAEP+ (Local Area Energy Planner Plus) to facilitate collaboration between network operators, local authorities and other energy transition stakeholders as part of RESOP.

Problems being addressed

As part of the Energy Transition, hundreds of thousands of assets need to connect to the Distribution Network and the network infrastructure we’ll need to be put in place to support this rollout.

Local authorities find it challenging to drive and deliver decarbonisation plans. Limited data, limited tooling and a costly planning processes inhibit progress.

Energy network operators face the challenge of predicting future infrastructure rollout requirements and engaging with local authorities to understand and engage with decarbonisation plans.

Objectives of Project Resop

1. Develop a standardised process that can be used with different local authorities to create decarbonisation plans (LHEES & LAEPs).

2. To create energy plans for the two trial areas.

3. To determine how to reflect the local energy plans in the DFES used for network planning purposes.

4. To develop a tool to support automated analysis of LV network connections (utilising NAVI & LAEP+).

5. Provide local authorities with a digital tool and planning data via LAEP+: LV network capacity, low carbon technology opportunity sites, gas network, water network, building fabric data, etc.6. To explore using planning data to inform network investment strategies.

The session will be taking place at 12:00pm on the 20th September at ENERGY xtra, Chester Racecourse. For more infomation please visit