2023 East of England Net Zero Conference

20th September 2023
All Day

Hosted by the East of England LGA (EELGA), and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) the 2023 East of England Net Zero Conference brings together partners from the public and private sector to explore the following themes:

  • Achieving investment to deliver net zero ambitions
  • Innovative net zero solutions
  • Breaking the barriers to net zero
  • Behaviour change
  • Transport decarbonisation – with a focus on:
  • Rural transport
  • Freight and logistics

The East of England has a unique set of environmental opportunities and challenges. The region produces half of the UK’s offshore wind energy and has plans to do much more. However, the East of England is the most susceptible region in the country to the impacts of climate change including coastal erosion and drought. Furthermore, car ownership levels are extremely high due, largely, to the region’s rurality.

Taking place on the 20th September at Homerton College, Cambridge, Ministers and MPs, Councillors and council officers, and industry partners in the East of England will have the opportunity to hear from influential speakers and discuss issues in detail surrounding Net Zero targets and solutions to meet their goals.

Amongst the speakers, CEO of Advanced Infrastructure, Christopher Jackson, and Assistant Director of Climate Change and Energy Services at Cambridgeshire County Council, Sheryl French will be discussing approaches to decarbonisation planning, including Local Area Energy Plans. The session will cover local learnings from the County as well as recent innovations in digital tooling to develop LAEPs which have been co-developed by Advanced Infrastructure and Network Operators UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

2023 East of England Net Zero Conference