Carbon Emissions Report

Transparency and visibility in our company’s carbon footprint

At Advanced Infrastructure our mission is to accelerate a transparent, informed, fair and affordable transition to a net zero energy system.

Beyond the innovative GIS tools, datasets, and APIs we provide our customers with to achieve net zero, we take responsibility as an organisation to mirror this mission in our values.

Working together with environmental consultancy C Free, we have made our carbon footprint report and the qualifying explanatory statement in association with our business operations publicly available.

The Reporting Period is between 1/5/21 to 30/4/22 and was prepared in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas protocols and PAS:2060. These reports are published in order to both highlight the current environmental state of the business and comparatively inform the future success of any new sustainability practices.

C-Free is an environmental consultancy with a vision to make carbon footprint calculations accessible to businesses of every size.

View Advanced Infrastructure’s 2021/2022 Carbon Footprint Report

This document presents a declaration of the standard compliant commitment to and achievement of carbon neutrality with respect to the running of the business operations of Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd under the guidelines of PAS 2060. This is achieved through the public disclosure of a carbon footprint calculation, a commitment to a carbon reduction strategy, and the implementation of a carbon offsetting program.

View Advanced Infrastructure’s Qualifying Explanatory Statement in support of PAS:2060 in association with their business operations

Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd have worked in conjunction with C Free Ltd to achieve carbon neutrality as part of an “other party” validation process from the PAS 2060 for the reporting period 1/5/21 to 30/4/22.

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