Approved supplier status for Lot 2 Cloud Software

What is G-Cloud13?

G-Cloud 13 is the latest (2022) digital services catalogue delivered by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). G-Cloud 13 is the replacement for the previous version, G-Cloud 12, with updated suppliers and new product & service offerings.

The platform is designed to make it easier for public sector organisations to procure cloud-based computing services. This is because the platform consists of catalogue of thousands of cloud products and services that can be procured online, as opposed to running a full tender process.

Under the framework, Advanced Infrastructure has been successful in being approved as a supplier of Lot 2 for Cloud Software.

As a result of being an approved supplier, UK government and public sector organisations will now have access to Advanced Infrastructure’s Local Area Energy Planning Tools, datasets and carbon data services, saving them the time and costs typically associated with a lengthy procurement process.

What services do Advanced Infrastructure offer through G-Cloud13?


Local Area Energy Planning Plus (LAEP+) is a net zero planning tool for local authorities and their delivery partners. Use it to create custom maps populated with hundreds of datasets and run browser-based analysis to identify and evidence the suitability of different sites for low carbon energy interventions.

Emission Factors and Carbon Data Services

Localised Emissions Factors for the UK electricity supply provides higher granularity data than publicly available on the National Grid Carbon Intensity API. Use this data for more accurate carbon emissions reporting. Evidence avoided carbon emissions from renewable assets or projects. Share powerful visualisation of complex carbon data.

How to work with Advanced Infrastructure through G-Cloud 13

To use this service you will need to sign in to, or create an account for, the Public Procurement Gateway. The Public Procurement Gateway helps you to access the different procurement services available to the public sector.

Through G-Cloud13 Advanced Infrastructure offer the following services which are available to view on the links below:

Emission Factors and Carbon Data Services - View on G-Cloud13

LAEP+ (Local Area Energy Planning Plus)- View on G-Cloud13

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