Decentralise. Digitise. Decarbonise.

Asset centric systems for energy utilities powered by IoT, blockchain, and machine learning.

What is the Problem?

Asset-centric billing is replacing customer-centric billing as the new paradigm. Current platforms in the industry are not fit for this purpose. Leaving $177 billion in attribute unmonetised. These are based on centralised architectures that manage customers with large portfolios of similar assets. Value is eroded for Suppliers, Aggregators and Networks; they are only able to monetise a small number of attributes, and on a portfolio basis.

What is the Solution?

We are developing asset-centric solutions for the decentralised energy system. Our approach is to use open-source technology, with a decentralised software infrastructure layer, real-time IoT connectivity, coupled with machine learning and an application layer to make this easy for Users. 


Advanced Infrastructure has worked with Innovate UK, Energy Systems Catapult, and Digital Catapult.