• Lily Cairns Haylor

Advanced Infrastructure & EB Charging to build a cloud based siting engine for EV infrastructure

A data driven approach to optimising electric vehicle charge point siting

On 17th June 2021, Advanced Infrastructure and EB Charging were announced as one of the winners in the £20 million zero-emission vehicle competition ahead of 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

The project is funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) in partnership with Innovate UK and is one of 31 successful Infrastructure Solutions Competition projects which form the largest part of OZEV’s Transitioning Towards Zero Emission Vehicles (TZEV) programme.

The collaborative project aims to develop a webGIS software tool that draws together big datasets, including energy and socio-demographic data for urban areas across the UK. The tool will enable the electric vehicle (EV) charging needs of local populations and network capacity to be identified. It will also identify where charge points can be installed to minimise the risks of under-utilisation and social exclusion.

Announcing the 31 projects, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“Ahead of major climate summit COP26 this year, investment in exciting projects such as these is key to making the switch to electric vehicles more attractive for drivers than ever before."

Advanced Infrastructure CEO, Christopher Jackson, said:

“Only 7,000 EV charging points are installed annually across the UK. To meet net zero targets, that rate will need to increase 5-fold - to 35,000 per year. By rapidly identifying sites where there is an EV charging need and the network capacity to support new EV charging sites, this project will help accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles.”

EB Charging CEO, Alex Calnan said:

“Britain’s drivers need a dramatic increase in the number of charge points to help them prepare for the Government’s 2030 EV target. But they have to be the right type of chargers in the right locations. This exciting project will help us deliver that critical infrastructure optimisation.”

About the project partners:

Project lead, Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd, is a data engineering and data science company pioneering new ways to use energy data. The company uses novel big data and digital twinning techniques to provide granular insights which support the Energy Transition. The company’s current projects range from real-time tracing of emissions associated with the electricity consumption of multinational data centres, optimising the siting of low carbon technologies like electric vehicle charge points, to smart local energy systems modelling.

Based in Hertfordshire, project partner, EB charging is a leading, independent provider of integrated EV charging and sustainable energy solutions. They work with local authorities, businesses, and third sector organisations to design and implement the charging, renewable generation and energy storage infrastructure they need.

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