We are able to draw on significant resources from a highly talented extended team of application software, energy and machine learning specialists

Christopher Jackson

Launched new energy products as senior manager at E.ON. Third-time entrepreneur.

Dan Leighton
Built the world’s first low-code energy modeling platform allowing faster product development.

John Jackson

Led the biggest cloud-computing migration to-date in the non-profit sector.

Dr Hindolo George-Williams
Energy Modelling Lead

Modelled power grids for Africa’s largest microgrid role-out. Dual PhD. 

Lily Cairns Haylor
Chief Marketing Officer

Led the business intelligence & marketing functions of multiple tech-start ups.

Dr John Armitage
Machine Learning Specialist
Controlled swarms of drones with ML techniques.

Ivan Dimov
Meachine Learning Specialist
Built human-machine interfaces for highly complex networks.

Dr. Yahya Naderi

Power Systems Specialist
BSc (Power Electrical Eng.)
MSc (Hons) Systems and Power Electronics
PhD (Power Electronics), MIET